Balance Transfer

Pay off Credit Card debt faster

Credit card balances can get out of hand in a hurry. Whatever your situation is, we can help you get back on track with a credit card balance transfer.

Pay Off Debt Faster

No Balance Transfer Fees

Transfer Multiple
Card Balances

One-On-One Help

How To Get Started

Existing Cardholders

Are you an Honor member with an Honor Select or Select Rewards Credit Card?

  • IF NO, we recommend applying for one so you know how much you can transfer.

For Non-Cardholders/ Members

The first step is to apply for an Honor credit card. If you’re not a member, you will be prompted to open an account during this process. Here are a few things non-members will need:

  • Social Security Number
  • Driver’s License
  • Contact Information

What Are The Benefits?

Pay Off Debt Faster

  • Transfer any existing credit card balance to a low-rate or rewards-earning credit card. 
  • With a lower rate, more of your payments will go towards your principal balance so you can pay off your debt faster!
  • We will guide you through the balance transfer process to find the best solution for you!

No Balance Transfer Fees

  • Many banks charge a balance transfer fee between 3-5 percent of the transfer amount. Not us! We’re here to help you achieve financial success.
  • Along with no balance transfer fees, we also don’t charge annual fees or cash advance fees on any of our credit cards.
  • Because we don’t charge a balance transfer fee or annual fee, you can pay off your balance faster.


Balance Transfer Form

Know Before You Start

  • You need to know the balance of the card(s) you want to transfer
  • All forms are processed during normal business hours Monday – Friday
  • An Account Specialist will contact you within one business day and guide you through the rest of the process

Balance Transfer FAQs

If you have a high-interest credit card racking up debt and want to move this amount to a lower-interest card, consider a balance transfer for debt consolidation. Balance transfers are a helpful tool for anyone able to pay off the balance quickly or at a lower rate to save on interest.

Every situation is different. We recommend you reach out to us so we can evaluate your needs and give you a personalized recommendation.

Too many balance transfers can make it appear to creditors that you can’t pay your bills and are just shuffling high-interest debts to lower interest cards without the intention of paying off these balances quickly.

Most balance transfers are generally processed between 7 to 10 days, but different factors can affect that time frame. We recommend that if you have a scheduled payment coming up on the card balance you are transferring that you make that payment to be safe.

Absolutely! That’s actually a pretty common transaction. If you need help deciding what balances to transfer from what cards we would be happy to help!