Savings Rates

Shares Savings Rates

Every Honor member starts with a free Shares Savings Account.

Benefits Checking

Earn a high rate of interest on our free Benefits Checking account.

Certificate of Deposit Rates

Sock away some money for a future need and enjoy our great CD rates.

Money Market Rates

Enjoy a high interest savings account with more flexibility than a CD.


Save for retirement with an Individual Retirement Account at Honor.

lOAN Rates

Auto Loan

Competitive rates on automobiles, light trucks, and road cycles.

RV, Boat, Trailer Rates

Boats, motor homes, ATVs, travel trailers, and other types of equipment.


Competitive rates for buying, refinancing, and home equity loans.

Home Equity

Competitive rates for home improvement, debt consolidation, and other expenses.

Personal Loan Rates

A Personal Loan might make sense for you! Check out our rates.

Business Rates

We know your business means the world to you, and we want to take the time to get to know your situation and your business goals so we can develop the right solution to help your business succeed, and grow! We invite you to learn more about our financial solutions for businesses both large and small.

Savings Rates

Savings, Money Markets, Certificates of Deposit

Checking Rates

Two Checking Accounts That Earn Interest

Loan Rates

Business Lending Solutions

Zero Down Payment Offer

To make the process as simple as possible with our Zero Down Payment mortgage offer, we encourage you to speak with a mortgage expert so they can explain the requirements and guide you through the process!

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Need Help? Contact us at 800.442.2800 and we will help you get started with the application process.