Reach Your Savings Goals

There are many ways you can reach your savings goal other than dropping coins in your cute piggy bank or stashing cash under your mattress.  We offer a wide variety of savings accounts for you to choose from, and the best part is they all earn monthly interest! You can access your savings anytime within Online Banking or on the Honor mobile app. Save Smarter by saving with Honor.

Member Savings Account

  • Every Honor member starts with a FREE Shares savings account.
  • Earn interest on the money you save!
  • Your Shares savings account gives you a voice as a shareholding member.

Saving For a
Specific Goal

  •  Open a savings account for a future goal, or an upcoming life event, like Christmas shopping, or a dream vacation.
  • Use your savings to avoid overdraft fees on your checking account.
  • Set automatic transfers to your special account so you don’t forget.

Youth Savings Accounts

  • No minimum balance fees.
  • Ideal for newborns up to high school students learning how to manage their money.
  • Honor’s Student Credit Union program promotes responsible money management at an early age.

Health Savings Accounts

  • HSA’s allow you to save money for qualified health-related expenses.
  • Contributions to your HSA are not taxed.***
  • You must be enrolled, or have been enrolled, in a High Deductible Health Plan to use an HSA. An HSA can include a checking account and certificate of deposit.

Current savings Rates

Share Savings AccountsEffective Date: Nov 27, 2020
TypeInterest RateAPY*
Share Savings(for balances on $5.00 or more)0.01%0.01%
Christmas Savings0.01%0.01%
Vacation Savings0.01%0.01%
Health Savings (HSA)0.25%0.25%
All youth under the age of 18 will receive an additional 0.25% APY to the stated rates unless otherwise noted.*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Rates are variable and subject to change without notice after account is opened. Fees can reduce earnings. Federally insured by NCUA.

Money Markets

If you already have some money saved up, an Honor Credit Union money market account is a great option to earn a little extra interest than a regular savings account. A money market might be the best option to help you save for a down payment on a home, pay for a wedding, or even take your dream vacation.

earn up to 2.00% APY with a surge money market at honor credit union

Surge Money Market

  • No minimum balance fee
  • Start earning interest on a balance of $1
  •  Ideal for short-term savings goals, like a down payment on a vehicle

Momentum Money Market

  • As your balance increases, so does your interest rate
  • Ideal for long-term savers. If you’re considering a certificate of deposit, but still want access to the funds, a money market might be better.

*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 6/1/19. Your interest rate and APY will be based on the balance in your account. Rate is variable and may change after account is opened. Fees can reduce earnings. Insured By NCUA.


Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are a popular and easy way to sock away some money and Honor has made it as easy as can be. We offer a wide range of terms and competitive rates for our members. Watch your savings grow with an Honor certificate of deposit. Your future self will thank you!

  • Open a CD with as little as $50
  • Most CDs earn higher interest rates than regular savings accounts and money market accounts and are locked in for the length of the CD
  • Terms range from 3 to 60 months to fit your needs
  • Ideal for anyone with extra money they don’t need right away, such as adults saving for retirement, teenagers saving for college, or parents starting a savings fund for their newborn child.


Are you looking for a way to save for retirement and see some great tax advantages?* An Individual Retirement Account might be what you’re looking for. There are several options to choose from based on your individual goals.

Traditional IRA

Contributions may be tax deductible depending on your circumstances*

Roth IRA

Contributions are not tax deductible, but your earnings are generally tax-free and stay tax-free even when you withdraw them*

Coverdell IRA

This is a form of a college savings account. Contributions are not tax deductible.* Distributions remain tax-free as long as they’re used for qualified education expenses.

Ready To Get Started? Great! Simply give us a call at 800.442.2800 or stop by a local member center

*Always talk to your tax advisor to help you determine the IRA that is right for you.

Frequently Asked Savings Questions

In many ways, this is like your typical savings account. You deposit money and get interest on your balance. Unlike other financial institutions, you keep your ownership of this money and it makes you a shareholder in Honor Credit Union – giving you a vote at our credit union elections.

A special shares account gives you the ability to save money for a variety of reasons. We have Vacation shares, Christmas shares and Special shares, which you can nickname whatever you choose. An advantage of opening a special secondary shares account is you can set up automatic transfers to help you reach your savings goals faster!

There is a monthly minimum balance fee of $5.00 if the membership shares balance falls below $200. This fee is waived if the member has a checking account or loan with Honor.

Yes! While each member can have only one main Shares Account, you can add sub accounts. Honor members can have up to two Vacation Shares accounts and up to four Special Shares accounts. 

Members 65 and older can receive special benefits! Stop by a local member center, or call us at 800.442.2800 for more details.

Tips To Save Money

We know it’s not always easy to build up your savings account, so we have included some helpful tips and tricks from our blog to help you reach your savings goals.