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Payment & Accounting Solutions

Between sending invoices, collecting payments, and recording operating expenses and revenue, it can become overwhelming without the right tools in place to keep track of all your business accounting tasks. That’s why we’ve partnered with AutoBooks and Elavon to help you with it all, so you can focus on serving your customers and growing your business!

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AutoBooks Accounting


  • Simple invoice experience
  • Offer your customers more payment choices
  • Automate your accounting processes
  • Create reminders and automatic notifications
  • Real time reporting for your business' financial health and record keeping
  • Access your business account information online and on the go through Honor's It'sMyBiz online banking
a screenshot of the autobooks dashboard on a mobile device

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One of our local business experts will help you from start to finish.

Elavon Payment Services

When it comes to shopping and payment solutions, we know your customers have more options than ever. We’ve partnered with Elavon to help your business stand out! With Elavon’s payment solutions, your customers can easily make secure payments anywhere, any time, on any device!

How Elavon Can Help

Because the payments landscape is changing faster than ever before, our solutions work in any customer environment. Elavon offers market solutions for a variety of industry types including:

  • Restaurant
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality

It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, or how big it is, we can find a solution specifically for you.

  • In-person, online and mobile payment solutions
  • Smart terminals, Chip Card/EMV terminals and tablet Point of Sale systems
  • Solutions for ecommerce and online shopping carts
  • Loyalty and gift card programs to market, grow and retain your customers’ business
  • Accept mobile wallet payments including Apple Pay™, Samsung Pay™ and Google Pay™
  • Next Day Business Funding

Transactions, and personal information is kept secure to protect you and your customers.

  • Protection against Hackers
  • Protection against Counterfeit Card Transactions
  • Protection against risks of Card Data Breach
  • Simplified PCI-DSS Compliance

Gain insights into sales trends, and more as you monitor your account from any web browser on any device through Elavon’s online reporting tool.

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