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Michigan is a playground filled with lakes, hills, snow, sand, trails, and open spaces. Whether you want to take the scenic drive along Lake Michigan on M-22 in an RV, or you live in the Upper Peninsula, where your secondary travel option in the winter is a snowmobile, Honor Credit Union has financing options that fit your unique needs. 

Competitive Rates As Low
As 5.44% APR

Fast Online
Pre-Approval Process

Flexible Loan Terms Up To 240 Months

Pay Faster With
No Pre-Payment Penalties

Boats, RVs, Trailers & Equipment Loans

Enjoy the freedom to roam the Michigan roads, lakes, and skies! We’ve financed everything from speedboats to bucket trucks and even airplanes, so we have the experience you can rely on to make the process simple! If you’re looking to finance one of these vehicles, let us help you.

  • Terms up to 180 months with a 240-month balloon option for larger loans
  • Competitive low rates
  • No limit to the type of collateral we can finance
  • Simple and quick application and closing process
Boats, Motor Homes, Travel Trailers & EquipmentEffective Date:
Term rates as low as*
Up to 84 months 5.44%
Up to 120 months 5.69%
Up to 144 months 5.94%
Up to 180 months 6.44%
180/240 month balloon 6.94%
Payment Example: $25,000 at 5.69% APR for 120 months equals $273.68 *120-179 months financing requires a minimum loan amount of $15,000.00. 180 month financing requires a minimum loan amount of $20,000. 180/240 month balloons financing requires a minimum loan amount of $35,000.00.

We know people have a variety of different passions and activities they enjoy and we want to help you live your best life with financing options that allow you to play without breaking your budget. Whether you are riding the trails or zipping through waves, we’ve got you covered with financing options that meet your needs!

  • Flexible terms up to 75 months
  • Competitive low rates
  • Multiple collateral on one loan financing options
  • Simple and quick application and closing process
ATVs, Snowmobiles and Jet SkisEffective Date:
Term rates as low as*
Up to 48 months 4.44%
49 - 60 months 4.79%
61 - 75 months 4.94%
Payment Example: $6,000 at 4.69% APR for 60 months equals $112.41

Payment Assistance

We know that life take can take unexpected turns you just can’t budget for, from employment changes to medical emergencies. We want to be by your side throughout your journey, good or bad, so we have several payment assistance options to help you when times get tough.


Holiday shopping, unexpected life events, and other personal situations can leave your account balance a little short when it’s time to make a loan payment. Our Skip-A-Pay program helps you navigate those times.

Financial Planning

Our financial wellness partner at GreenPath Financial will work with you on-on-one to evaluate your situation, put a budget in place, establish a payment plan, and help you get back to achieving your financial goals!

Recreational Loan FAQs

We haven’t run into anything yet! If it has a serial number, we can usually finance it. Even if it doesn’t, we can try to find a way to make it work!

Yes! We offer a 180/240 balloon option.

No problem!  We have preapproval options available to get you started and a network of dealership partners that we can refer you to.

That’s OK! In most situations we can finance loans with no money down! Give us a call or stop into a local branch and we will work with you to figure out the best solution for your needs.

Nothing. We do not charge any application fees.

Yes! Honor can finance a vehicle purchase in all 50 states as long as you qualify for membership with us.

Anyone can apply! Approval is not guaranteed, but all applications are reviewed by our team.

Yes. Insurance is required on all types of vehicles and equipment financed by Honor.