Touchless Payments Are Simple With Your Digital Wallet

image of a woman wearing a medical face mask holds her phone up to a credit card terminal to make a touchless payment

By Cody Morris | Honor CU

We all have that mental checklist we run through each time we leave the house: “Wallet, Phone, Keys, …..Mask.”  Your checklist, like mine, may have changed recently with the country working through a pandemic. Right now, consumers are online shopping more than ever before and taking as many precautions as they can when venturing out to the store.

We’re all thinking about how to avoid touching and spreading germs.  I’m sure you have been to the grocery store recently and overheard parents remind their children: “Don’t touch, shop with your eyes!” This cautious mindset at the store includes how we pay for products as well. I can’t remember the last time I paid for a product with cash!

So, how can we do our part?  I’m wearing a mask, washing my hands often, but I’m using a digital wallet as well!  I am thankful that Honor Credit Union supports the use of this touchless payment service and I always appreciate convenience and technology, too – so it was an easy choice to make!

What Is A Digital Wallet?

  • Digital wallet is a term referring to one of the many apps that serve as touchless payment methods on mobile devices, such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, or Apple Pay.
  • These mobile apps allow you to add your debit and credit cards to a secure “digital wallet” that is connected to your account profile and mobile devices.  You can even set up a default card if you have many listed!
  • With your card information saved, you can now easily select cards from your wallet when online shopping on your devices!  You can also “tap” your phone (hold it near) the point of sale terminal when shopping in person at a store.

How To Add A Card To Your Digital Wallet

Adding your Honor credit or debit card to your digital wallet can be done in a few minutes with a few taps of your finger. However, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay each have a few different steps, so to properly add your card, please see the complete instructions on our mobile banking page.

Note:  Not all stores support using digital wallet, however, it is very common in the marketplace as of today.

Contactless Shopping Has Never Been Easier

Personally, I used digital wallet well before COVID-19, but now I use it even more for the touchless payment option. I also really like the perks and merchant rewards that come with Google Pay (my personal preference), and who can remember those long card numbers when their shopping online anyway?

Speaking of shopping, it’s already time to start gathering those back to school supplies. So whether you are buying school supplies for the classroom or the makeshift classroom at the dining room table, make it a little easier on yourself (and fewer germs) by enrolling in a digital wallet solution and use your Honor debit or credit cards.

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