By William Crooker | Honor CU Cyber Security Analyst

The rise of COVID-19 has given bad actors a few new methods to try and steal your identity, money, or time.  While a stimulus bill has been passed to provide some financial support to Americans, this brings on new ways for fraudsters to try and exploit it.

Here are five tips to help keep you safe from fraud during this tough time.

Who is eligible? When In Doubt, Throw It Out!

Avoid clicking on any suspicious links on websites, and especially in emails from unknown sources. Be especially wary of email attachments. As the saying goes, “When in doubt, throw it out!”

Keep Your Personal Information To Yourself

If it sounds like a scam, chances are it is.

The government will not send you any unsolicited email communication asking for personal information in order to receive the stimulus check.

MONEY MULE SCHEME: Protect Yourself From The Latest COVID-19 Scam

Phone calls can be another avenue used to try and trick you into disclosing your personal information. Always remember that your bank or credit union will never ask you for your password over the phone, and will take all security measures to help you access your money. 

Social Media Can Spread False Information… Quickly

Social media platforms can also be used maliciously by using fake profiles promoting “cures” and faulty medical supplies.

Research Charities Before Donating

Verify a charity’s authenticity before making any donations.

Fake charities and products have become a popular trick that is being used to exploit many. Fraudsters will set up a website that can look very legitimate, but a quick Google search can help you verify if it is an actual charity.

  • For more tips from the Federal Trade Commission about donating to charities, click here.

Track The Latest COVID-19 Updates

Here are a couple trusted sources for the latest COVID-19 updates:

At Honor, we’re committed to the safety of our members and our community. For more information about being Cyber safe, please visit Honor’s Security Center. The information on our Security Center page contains tips to keep you safe and provides you with everything you need to know about Honor’s Card Control feature to help you quickly detect fraud and temporarily turn off activity to your debit or credit cards.

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