Direct Deposit

Easy, Automatic Deposits Into Your Account

Direct deposit is a safe, easy way to have your paycheck, social security check, retirement funds, or other payment deposited into your Honor account. The best part is you don’t have to lift a finger. Even setting up direct deposit at Honor is easy with our ClickSWITCH tool, or a form you can fill out on your computer or mobile device. Take the hassle out of getting paid and sign up for direct deposit today!

No Driving To A
Member Center

No Waiting In Line To
Deposit A Check

No Worrying About Losing
A Printed Check

Fastest Way To Manage
Your Money

Direct Deposit Setup


Our easy ClickSWITCH tool can make switching your direct deposit to Honor as simple as clicking a button.

  1. Call us at 800.442.2800 and let us know you’d like to switch your direct deposit
  2. You will be given a SwitchTRACK code
  3. Go to
  4. Enter your SwitchTrack code and click Activate Now

In Person

If you don’t want to use our simple ClickSWITCH tool, you can still easily switch your direct deposit without any hassle. 

  • Simply fill out the direct deposit form below and submit it to your employer’s payroll department.
  • Honor’s Routing Number is 272484852

Download the Direct Deposit Form

Need Help?

If you have questions about setting up or switching your direct deposit, simply stop by a local member center, or reach out to our Virtual Member Center and we’ll be happy to help you!