BUCHANAN, MICHIGAN – AUGUST 15, 2023 – Honor Credit Union celebrated the official ribbon cutting ceremony for their new Buchanan Member Center on Thursday, August 10th. The new location is at 128 Main Street. Honor’s CEO, Scott McFarland, and Buchanan’s Member Center Manager, Chirsty Layman, began the celebration by welcoming those in attendance, including Honor Board Members Brian Brown, Greg Vaughan, Mimi Elwell, Randy O’Neil, and Richard Atwell.

“It makes me feel good that they believe in Buchanan enough to invest over and over again,” commented Buchanan Mayor Sean Denison. “Not only monetarily in this new member center but with their volunteer hours and everything else they do. It makes me feel good, and what we’re doing is sending Buchanan on the right path.”

Michigan State Representative Brad Paquette spoke on the meaning of the Honor team in the community, and presented a special tribute to Honor Credit Union, which was presented to Buchanan Manager Christy Layman and Honor CEO Scott McFarland. This tribute was signed by Paquette, Governor Gretchen Whitmer, and Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist.

The tribute spoke on how Honor has represented itself in the Southwest Michigan community for nearly 90 years, served members’ banking needs, presented countless monetary support to its local communities and organizations, and continued its ties in the community to help better serve its members and expand economic boost.

On behalf of Honor Credit Union, CEO Scott McFarland extended his gratitude to everyone who has contributed to the continued partnership between Honor and the City of Buchanan and those who played a role in bringing the vision of this new member center to life, including members of Honor’s Leadership Team, Builder E.C. Moore, and Intersect Studio. 

Following the ribbon cutting, guests enjoyed sandwiches and desserts from Buchanan business partners, Sweet Shop – Café Italiano, Gustavsen’s, and With Love, Cupcakes, and Cakes.


Honor Credit Union is a non-profit, full-service financial institution serving nearly 110,000 members in 28 member center communities throughout western and northern Michigan.

Providing solutions for financial success and giving back to the communities we serve remain the driving forces behind Honor Credit Union.  For more information, call 800.442.2800, or visit www.honorcu.com.



Kayla Smith
Brand Coordinator
800.442.2800 ext. 9205

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